The majority of vampires are loyal to one of several sects, which are primarily political entities. The two major sects are the Prima Invicta and the Sabbat, which respectively comprise vampires who attempt to maintain their humanity at passable levels, and vampires who seek to rule humanity as predators. This isn’t to say that the Prima Invicta are nice, they’re just pragmatic.
These sects trace their history back to Roman Era, and the fall of the Inconnu. The Sabbat are the descendants of those who rebelled against the Inconnu, while the Prima Invicta was later assembled from the remaining members of the Inconnu. The two sects have been mortal enemies ever since.

There are also two older sects with lower memberships. The first, Sangue magia, are loose affiliation of vampires who have had a common identity, the study of Blood Magic and the Vampiric condition, since approximately the Middle Ages. The Sangue magia generally avoid all vampiric politics, and may only be a sect by virtue of being too powerful to be considered independent. The second, and much older, is the Ashirra: an Islamic Vampire Cult which traces its origins to a vampiric prophet known as Haqim. They dictate themselves with rigorous discipline, following Haqim’s laws in an attempt to avoid an eternity in hell. While this sect was once incredibly powerful, it never expanded into the new world, and is now only powerful in North Africa and the Middle East.

In addition to these Sects, there are two newer sects. The Commonwealth, who in modern nights are a tightly knit confederation of vampires generally adopting a combination of youthful rebellion and less dusty political thought. They fight to unite all creatures that lurk in the night with humanity, they fight against the hold corporations have on the world, and they seek to ultimately reveal the existence of Vampires to the world. The Blutige Ă„ltestenrat believe that Vampires are destined to rule humanity. Their influence once extended far into Kine society, indeed, their ideology spread into the Americas during the early 1900s, having existed in Germany far before the mortals got a hold of it and mucked it all up. While many older Kindred could care less about a quasi-Nazi covenant, most anyone embraced after WWII doesn’t have any love for them.

The Prima Invicta
The Commonwealth
Sangue magia

Sects that are in the setting, but not available for play:
The Sabbat
The Blutige Ă„ltestenrat
The Ashirra

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