Baali: Sinful, feared, sympathetic
Clan: Gangrel
Nicknames: Healers, Infernalists
Disciplines: Crochan, Majesty, Resilience
Favored Attributes: Resolve or Composure
The angry fist of a vengeful god: The desires of the Baali have a sinister side-affect; whenever they indulge their Shortcoming, it creates a Whisper Demon. In addition, the Baali are unable to come within 10 feet of a holy symbol presented by a Mundane, Hunter or Awakened who believes in it’s power, cannot enter places of holy worship, take one point of bashing damage whenever they touch a religious symbol or silver, and are paralyzed when they hear church bells ringing (but not recordings).
Make it hurt so good The Baali have a natural inclination for indulging in their deepest darkest desires. Whenever presented a chance to indulge in their desire, when they indulge in it, it has the same effects as fulfilling their Moral Code; they gain back all of their Willpower. In addition, when they act on their Shortcoming, they gain The Edge.

In the setting:
Even monsters have their bogeymen, and Vampires are no exception. Sires often attempt to keep neonates from growing drunk on their own power as vampires, and one method for doing so is to explain to them what sorts of twisted, evil power awaits them in the dark. The Baali are one such power.

The Infernalists are, supposedly, a Clan of defilers and liars, thieves and cutpurses, infernalists and diablerists. In truth, the Baali are none of these things. They will do almost anything and sacrifice almost anyone to gain access to occult mysteries. They squander the wealth they have accumulated, they make deals they cannot possible hope to live up to, and they do so with no apology and no attempt at excuse.

They are not, however, embraced into evil. The Baali were, at one time, seen as healers. They still claim to possess a third eye, called a Salubri, that allows them to see the ebb and flow of life itself. Long ago, this ability made them quite valuable. But it comes at a great cost. Demons are brought into existence whenever a Baali acts upon their Vices, and for a Baali, it is incredibly hard not to act upon their desires.

Still, the Baali are considered valuable commodities, and they know well that to give into evil is to give into the beast, and lose themselves. Baali are generally well schooled in the occult. Because of their aversion to symbols of faith, they reject religious paths; many become Tremere.

In the city of Voltaire, the Baali find themselves persecuted. Many fear the Baali’s penchant for giving into the power of the beast, ignoring their value as healers and capacity for justice.

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