Clan brujah

Brujah: Passionate, outspoken, and individualistic.
Nicknames: The Rabble, Warrior-Poets
Clan: Daeva
Disciplines: Vigor, Majesty and Celerity
Favored Attributes: Presence or Strength.
Rebels without a cause The same passions that inspire Brujah to greatness or depravity, left unchecked, can send them into incandescent rages: Brujah are prone to frenzy. Any attempt resist frenzy suffers a -2 penalty. This applies to anger frenzy and hunger frenzy, but not to Rötschreck. It does apply to attempts to ride the wave, however. Additionally, If a Request is inflicted upon you, you must spend Willpower to dismiss it, and can never willingly go along with it a Request in order to gain the bonus experience.
Bitch, don’t tell me what to do: Bruja are exceptionally stubborn. An opponent must generate 4 points of Sway to inflict a Condition, and 6 points of Sway to inflict a Request. In addition, Bruja double their Guile score when resisting any sort of Sway damage.

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