Clan gangrel

Gangrel: Primal, hardy and savage.
Nicknames: Savages, Outlanders
Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience
Favored Attributes: Resolve or Stamina
A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action As befits their sobriquet, the Gangrel are more closely tied to their Beasts than are other Kindred. The more they feel the call of the Beast, the more bestial they become, and the more their minds become those of less principled animals. With regard to dice pools made to resist frenzy, the 10-again rule does not apply. Additionally, any 1’s that come up on a roll subtract from successes. (The latter part of the Weakness does not affect dramatic-failure rules.) This Weakness does not apply to dice pools made to ‘ride the wave’.
Here comes the boom: When reacting to a situation in the most primal way—sudden violence, rapid flight, snarling explosions of temper or savage lust—the Gangrel may add +3 to her dice pools, when the surge of instinctual reaction allows the vampire to act faster than thought. This initial burst vanishes in subsequent turns (maximum equal to their Sanguinus) as everyone else catches up. To use this, the vampire’s actions must be simple and lateral, with immediate results. Fight or flight. Gangrel may also add this bonus when detecting or reacting to an ambush.

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