Clan malkavian

Malkavian: Prophetic, psychotic, and adaptable.
Clan: Ventrue
Nicknames: Lunatics, Oracles
Disciplines: Dominate, Auspex, Dementation
Favored Attributes: Manipulation or Intelligence
I’m not sick, but I’m not well All Malkavians must take a “core” derangement that is theirs for eternity. This derangement may not be cured, reduced in severity, or bought off no matter how high the character’s Humanity soars. It could certainly become more severe, however. This core derangement is also susceptible to being “set off” (as if the character failed their roll to resist it’s effects) whenever the character uses Dominate, Auspex, or Dementation. If any of these are rolled, and they are anything other than an ordinary success, the character experiences a bout of his core derangement at some point that night (or first thing the next night if the roll in question occurs too close to dawn). In other words, failures, dramatic failures and exceptional successes all cause this effect. Furthermore, in the case of a dramatic failure, the derangement lasts for a week. (Storytellers should be sensible about this. The middle of a combat in which four goons attack a Malkovian with napalm is not a good time to decree that he curls up into a fetal ball on the floor. The middle of the Prince’s salon later that night, however, is a different story.)
The Lunatic’s Vision The Malkavian’s are ‘blessed’ with visions of the future. By spending a point of Willpower, they receive a blast of madness for a little glimpse of the future. This automatically triggers the character’s derangement, but in the midst of mad ravings, catatonia, violence or whatever the outward effect of the derangement is, the character receives a vision relevant to the current situation. This vision is essentially a waking dream, which means any information it contains will be couched in opaque symbolism. A character hearing the Malkavian’s descriptions of the dreams might be able to interpret it; this requires a successful and appropriate roll from the interpreter’s player (Malkavians can attempt interpreting their own visions once they are lucid). Success on this roll means that the Storyteller should give the players hints about the correct interpretation of the vision, and an exceptional success should result in full or nearly full disclosure. The Storyteller can and should trigger this facet of the Malkavians’ madness as a way to further the chronicle’s plot. If a player triggers the lunatic’s vision, they may select if it something that just happens, like fate playing with their minds, or if it is something their character has consciously chosen to activate.

In the setting:
Malkavians are a valuable resource amongst the Kindred. Their ability to see the future is well worth the insanity that strikes them afterwards. Of course, not all Malkavians are very good at being able to call upon these visions. A common misconception that the Queen has fought hard to remove the misconception is that all Malkavians are insane all the time, and are unable to tell reality when they are. To disprove this, she has kept two Malkavians with her at all times, and their particular forms of insanity are a Phobia of Spiders and the other becomes obsessed with showing others her incredible strength and speed.

Since the Oracles are so highly valued in society, whom they embrace is watched closely; if a new Oracle is created without their sire being known, it is a rare event indeed.

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