Clan zelani

Zelani: Lucky, impulsive, and ambitious.
Nicknames: Lucky Stiffs, Addicts
Clan: Daeva
Favored Disciplines: Praestantia, Majesty, and Obsequium
Favored Devotion: Serendipity
Steeped in Sin: Perhaps out of some deep longing for the true passions they lost after the Embrace, the Zelani have difficulty steeling themselves against the hedonism they allow themselves as members of the Damned. Any time a Zelani has an opportunity to indulge her Shortcoming, but does not do so, she loses two points of Nerve (as opposed to gaining them all back by partaking in its pleasures).
Addictive Personality: Zelani start the game with one chemical addiction that they can never rid themselves of. To fulfill their need for the addiction, they must consume the blood of someone under the chemical’s influence. In addition, they receive Vitae and Diablerie addiction, and when given the chance to indulge in any of their addictions, if they don’t indulge, they lose a Willpower.
Bitch, don’t kill my vibe: When taking dramatic action in pursuit of her Shortcoming, a Zelani may add +3 dice to all her actions.
I takes a lot to get me drunk: The Zelani’s addictive personality has some advantages. The Zelani must drink a specific Vampire’s Vitae five times before the Vinculum is made, the roll to resist Vinculum is not modified by Sanguinus on either party’s side, they receive a +2 bonus when consuming a soul, and the streaks gained from committing Amaranth last for a number of days equal to the consumed vampire’s Sanguinus.

In the setting:
It is well known that the Queen is the first Zelani within Pendros, and it would seem, time in and time out, that her ability to not only rule, but to stay in power, is due in large part to how lucky she is.

Throughout the city, it is possible to find the Blessed living it up in Pendros. Many of the Zelani enjoy the Queen’s stance on supernatural inter-relations, and they can commonly be found doing one thing: partying. Most Lucky Bastards have a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants attitude when it comes to unlife, and commonly make incredibly bad and risky decisions. Most Kindred would be shocked that they’ve been able to stick around and survive for as long as they have, were it not for the fact that they are just incredibly lucky.

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